I'm Mylissa. 

Pronounced (Melissa) but my dad wanted to spell it this way because he said "you're "my" Lissa" 

I am a wife, mom, lover of yoga, lifting and the beach. When I am not working, I spend as much time in the sand and water as possible! 

Where you find me, you'll usually find my hubby and/or our Yorkie. We love being in or near the water and if we aren't at the beach, you can usually find us in our kayaks on the bay. We live in paradise and try to enjoy it to the fullest!

And that is pretty much how I handle my photography. I try to capture the essence of your experience. I'm not a poser...I let you be you and try to capture the moment! I like to make the experience as enjoyable for you as possible! Lots of laughing and you may end up wet! But I can guarantee it won't be a typical experience and you'll walk away smiling!